Are you ready to invest in a vacation home in the Algarve? If it is your first time buying a second home and you are looking for answers to your questions, check out this guide on buying a vacation home in the Algarve.

Numerous people affected by workload and social stress have skyrocketed in the past decade and there is a trend in buying a vacation home in the Algarve.

It’s not only the amazing climate but particularly the peace and safety that attract many investors to this part of Portugal.

Whether you are already crunching the numbers, or you have just exchanged your experience with friends who are already proud homeowners in the Algarve, you are probably wondering what it might take to invest in a vacation home yourself.

The home buying experience can seem quite overwhelming, but the truth is, with a few simple considerations in mind and some solid help from experienced professionals, purchasing a vacation home where you can go to get away from it all can be a piece of cake.

Check out these 5 considerations to keep in mind as you get started on your vacation home buying adventure, and relax!

1. Make Your Maths
If you are ready to start looking for your dream vacation home, be sure you fully understand the financial aspects associated with owning a secondary property.

As you enter your vacation home search, you should consider contacting us to get an understanding of how the purchase procedures work in Portugal. They do differ from your home country. It also makes sense to check with a mortgage lender in order to be totally certain of what you can afford.

Although a lender’s calculations can be super helpful in establishing your budget and readiness for a vacation home, don’t underestimate additional costs such as furnishing, utilities, landscaping, home security systems and emergency funds. After all, your vacation home should be an investment in relaxation.

Be sure you completely understand the costs of owning a second home before you buy, so you can be sure to spend as much time as possible far away from any worry.

2. Get a Clear Idea of What You Are Looking For
Once you have set up your budget, you will need to decide what it is you are looking for in a vacation home. Are you rather hoping for a quiet place where you can find some peace and tranquillity far from your daily stress? Or do you wish for lots of space for your kids and your in-laws? Maybe then you should consider a larger countryside property to get more space in a home farther from the water.

Many decide to invest in a vacation home because of their love for a specific area of the Algarve. Are you the person who might prefer the buzzing Marina of Vilamoura with its bars and shops? Or would you like to be part of a community in a Golf Resort or condominium such as Quinta do Lago or Vale do Lobo? It might be that you rather save the costs of condominium fees and own independent property near the coast? Whatever sort of property you decide to invest in, you should take care to consider whether or not it truly suits your lifestyle.
Often, it simply makes sense to purchase a property of your own, rather than spending huge amounts of money weekend after weekend to rent out holiday accommodation.

3. Are You Planning Rental Income?
If you are purchasing a vacation home, this likely means you have still got a primary residence where you will spend most of your time. Since your vacation home is not going to be used every month of the year, you might want to determine if you wish to make it profitable.
Will you aim to head up to your new place every Friday on the last flight to Faro? Are you planning to spend every-other-month there, doing some computer work from the Algarve coast? Or will you make longer trips to your property less often and rent it during the rest of the time?

Whatever the answer may be, it truly is of the essence to decide how you will use your vacation home, for a number of reasons. Property taxes and other fees will apply, no matter how often or little you visit your Algarve home. Most properties are suitable for lucrative rental in the Algarve, and this can be a great way to make a portion of your mortgage back while you are not using the property, or simply maintain your Algarve vacation home. Consider talking with us about the possibility of renting.

4. Chose the Right Specialist
One of the best ways to ensure a positive vacation home buying experience is to get involved with the right home buying experts. Partnering your vacation home search with an experienced and knowledgable real estate agent is a safe way to streamline the process and take loads of stress off your shoulders. After all, you are buying a vacation home so you can relax.


We will be able to help you work through the entire process – from finding the right property to file the necessary documents until the Final Deeds and beyond. We will clarify local taxes, transaction fees, and see the process through when it comes to issues related to rental fees. In addition to being an expert in your specific market, we will provide veteran help in preparing offers, negotiating, and generally guiding your search–taking loads of stress and pressure off of your shoulders.

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